sales, marketing, distribution

What we are

BrandMad is a sales, marketing and distributor  with a wider focus. We believe the role of Distributor has broadened significantly in the past 5 years and we have the required skills to match this requirement. We only take on products we feel that we can truly represent to the best of our ability. We embrace new media and use leading edge techniques, internet and social media to further enhance products. If you have a worthy product and agree with our vision please contact us.

What we do

Simply speaking, we are a distributor of products to the Ireland and UK market. This is true but we are so much more than that!

We feel that the physical product we represent is only a small portion of how we want to present it. Of course we have a sales team visiting retailers on a daily basis like most others but we also implement a full support system around our products and sales team.

We are always embracing new technologies. Effective use of the internet, social media and mobile marketing are all ways to deliver the right message and maximise sales. We believe that all of our products are equal as soon as we represent them and we do not believe in taking a product on just for the sake of being on a list.

Many products are represented badly by larger distributors as they rarely pay attention to individual products. We are small enough to care for each and every brand we represent and are committed to giving equal representation to all our products. As each product is different we tailor our support based on how the manufacturer and product would like to be represented.

Brandmad is dedicated to achieving brand development, market share, and consistent growth for every brand we represent. Our successful track record has been achieved through focus and commitment to delivering a superior service to our customer. We have maintained and continue improved our service model for our varied customer base. Our level of expertise is reflected by the quality of our client portfolio.

We know the world has moved on from traditional methods of distribution and we are willing to move with the times.


BrandMad – Distributor Ireland – 2015