about us

About Us

We are mad about brands and brand building, Brandmad is an Irish based distributor established in 2010 as we recognised that there was a need for change in product distribution and how to implement it.  We are based in Damastown Industrial Park , Dublin in a purpose built distribution facility.  We believe that there are more channels to sell products than meets the eye in such a diverse marketplace.  Our team has a wealth of experience in product distribution and our fundamentals in this field are sound.

Our sales team are equipped with the most up to date support available to them and are constantly kept aware of any developments.  BrandMad enhances the distributor techniques by giving it additional supports.  For example our typical sales visit is followed by a 6 step sales programme within the sales cycle. These subtle follow ups include interim telesales, rep calls, email nudges, post, newsletters and special offers.

We handle pharmaceutical, ethical, cosmetic,healthcare and  beauty products. The products we represent are also backed up with a full suite of supports. These range from websites, social media, email marketing, celebrity endorsements, online campaigns, demonstrations and all traditional means available.  Obviously we tailor these supports on individual products and their requirements.


We recruit experienced people who are trained and dedicated to delivering the level of service expected by our customers.  All staff are trained in safety, best practice, and have full knowledge of the product we supply.  Getting the best out of our people through a mutual respect for each other allows us to compete and punch above our weight.  We encourage our staff to contribute ideas and get involved at every level of the business. This type of relationship makes our team stronger and better informed.  You’ll find dealing with our people a refreshing experience.  We also give them the authority to make decisions, which usually does away with the need for red tape.  We want our staff trained to build our company rather than trained to leave the company. The end result is a strong company with a fantastic team.

Sales Support

Brandmad’s experienced Sales team offer a comprehensive coverage of Irish retail Pharmacy, Department Stores and general retail calling to all supplied accounts nationally on an eight week cycle. Our sales team receive ongoing product updates and information training.  Our hands on approach is further enhanced by our 6 step sales programme and enhanced CRM.  We also meet on a  biweekly  basis in order to determine trends and requirements of individual products. They are actively involved in customer training, customer care, and sales development methodology.


We have an in-depth knowledge of our products and their applications, we liaise with health & beauty professionals and also with the end consumer. We know our customer and can advise on product that may suit their business as well as product that may not suit them.


We are committed to developing our relationship with our Principals and our customer base, achieving cohesion between the needs of both, and delivering a service model at a standard required by both parties.